Meet the Therapists


Kostyantyn Shkilnyy graduated from Carnegie Institute in June 2010. Year after he became board certified and received NCBTMB (Nationally Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork). He specialize in Therapeutic Bodywork including relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, chair massage, Lymphatic Drainage, medical massage, neuromuscular, myofascial, soft tissue injuries, prenatal and Massage Cupping Bodywork therapy.

Kostyantyn is incredibly passionate about massage therapy and it's benefits to overall health. He prioritizes and meets every client needs during each session. He is genuinely ambitious, caring, and compassionate. Kostyantyn is especially good at localizing the source of pain and treating it.  He truly believes that massage therapy is crucial component of overall wellbeing. 

Kostyantyn is a huge soccer fan and player. He generally loves sports. He enjoys helping others, travel, and good food.

To him, the greatest achievement of Kostyantyn's life is his family.


Philip received his training from the Cortiva Institute-Florida School of Massage Therapy, located in Pinellas Park, FL. He went through a rigorous 750 hour program of intense study of the human body. All of his instructors were some of the best licensed massage therapists themselves, including one chiropractor. Philip achieved a 4.0 GPA and did not miss a day of school. He graduated in June of 2012 thereby receiving his diploma. Afterward he took the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) governed by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB).

He specialize in therapeutic massage by performing an integration of Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Swedish techniques to address your muscle and joint health.

He has 10 years of experience practicing massage therapy on an estimated 6,000 people.  He performs a rehabilitative type of massage therapy using a variety of techniques and pressures.  He recommends a 90 min or a 2 hour session for a full body approach especially if you haven't had a massage in 6 months or longer and you're in bad shape.  He recommends a 1 hour session if you want him to work on focus areas, for example, just neck, shoulders, arms, and back or just legs and feet only.  He recommends having at least 4 to 6 hours of this type of massage therapy to get your whole body back in shape.  He also recommends 12 to 18 hours of this type of massage therapy for those who are very active with sports, exercise, hobbies, and their profession.  Philip is motivated to get you back into your best shape possible!  He can also accommodate those whom would like more of a relaxing approach to their session using Swedish techniques.


Rami Suleiman is a licensed Massage Therapist and National Certified Medical Assistant graduated with honors from Carnegie Institute and currently studying for Physical Therapist Assistant; His 15 years of medical background contributes in many ways to the art of massage. Rami specializes in Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Trigger Points, Swedish, Lymphology, Oncology, Prenatal/Postnatal, CBD, Dry Cupping, Cranial Sacral Myofascial Release, Himalayan Hot Stones and Sport massage.